My Little List of Tools for Prototyping

As a developer I love to prototype to see if an idea works. Thinking big and starting small is actually one of Wehkamp’s principles. And, let’s face it, that’s not easy!

Usually it starts by getting an idea of the core concept that should be validated. Especially when working with teams, communication is key. This list of tools helped me over the years to draw or code out some of these concepts and get a discussion started.

Every tool on this list is free and online.

Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, bash, Python

AWS Lambda Size: PIL+TF+Keras+Numpy?

At Wehkamp we’ve been using machine learning for a while now. We’re training models in Databricks (Spark) and Keras. This produces a Keras file that we use to make the actual predictions. Training is one thing, but getting them to production is quite another!

The main problem we’ve faced was that it was too big to actually fit into a lambda. This blogs shows how we’ve dealt with that problem.


Fizz? Buzz? FizzBuzz? Let’s discuss.

What’s the buzz all about? Well, originally it started out as a small children’s game, but now and again I see it being used to detect weak developers in job interviews (I think there are better ways to do this). The assignment has a view nice properties. In this blog I would like to look at some implementations and discuss the pro’s and con’s of each implementation.