Connect Ikea TRÅDFRI with KlikAanKlikUit (ICS-2000 / KAKU)

😠 This gave me a big headache! I needed to connect 3 Ikea GU-10 bulbs to my ICS-2000, but the thing would not recognise the bulbs. It drove me crazy. After some fiddling around I've found a way to connect them (different from the manuals) 💡.

Eliminating range

I needed to connect lights for one of rooms upstairs. As range might be a thing, I canceled range out by connecting the bulbs in the hall (downstairs) first and then transfer them upstairs.


The following steps worked for me:

  1. Reboot your ICS-2000, it is better to start out clean.
  2. Check if you can get your light bulbs nearer to the ICS-2000, range might be a thing.
  3. Let's connect 1 light at the time, pairing all 3 at the same time won't work. Remove the other bulbs from the source and make sure you have 1 left.
  4. Open your ICS-2000 app.
  5. Select a room.
  6. Hit the + button (add button is located at the top right corner on Android).
  7. Select Other brands > Zigbee
  8. Click the Next button
  9. Choose your light type; mine is Zigbee light warm/cold
  10. Click Connect. The ICS-2000 will now start to search for your light.
  11. Now, reset the Ikea light by turning it off and on 6 times. When the light turns on for the last time, wait for it to reset. It will dim a bit, so you know it completed the reset. Your ICS-2000 will pick up the new light after the reset.
  12. Give the light a name in the app.
  13. Now remove the light from the armature and repeat steps 5-11.
  14. Add all lights to the right place and enjoy 🍻.