Why not use a CI/CD at home? At @wehkamp we use #Jenkins / #Jenkins : a match made in heaven! Read how to setup Jenki…

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Running a single Mocha Test, just change the it( into it.only( - via @watirmelon

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Deploy your #dotnet application though @Bitbucket pipeline to your #dotnet ♥️

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Nice #Hubot talks ES6 #Hubot 🔥. Learn how to connect a simple web-service using a Promise to your #Hubot bot 🤖:

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About me

About me

So you’ve found my blog and you are wondering who I am? I’m a software developer for I live and work in the beautiful city of Zwolle, the Netherlands. In my “spare time” I help some NGOs out with their digital needs by giving advise and assistance. I love to fiddle around with new technologies. I’ve been writing small technical articles for KeesTalksTech since 2010 (began on Blogger, switched to WordPress). I like to write about interesting stuff I’ve found on the internet and about solutions I’ve made to solve (irritating) problems.

My specialties are:

I love to play around with:

Lately I’ve been playing with:

  • NodeJS with TypeScript
  • Raspian Lite / Raspberry Pi 3 & 1
  • Home automation: klikaan klikuit (CoCo), smart meters

Get the package

Some of my code ends up in a package or repo. Please check them out:


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If you have any questions, please contact me through a private message on Twitter or LinkedIn. I use social media to get in touch with people and love to hear from you.