About me

Hi, I'm Kees and I've been running this tech blog since 2010. I started on Blogger and I switched to WordPress. I'm a Lead Developer for Wehkamp.nl. I live and work in the beautiful city of Zwolle in the Netherlands. I love to fiddle around with new technologies.

Together with my brother in law I run BuckfastTeler.nl, the best place to get a strong and healthy Buckfast queen bee.

I mostly blog about solutions I've made for problems I've encountered during my workday. The stack that we use at Wehkamp is huge, so there's always an interesting topic to blog about.

Slide from an introduction presentation of 2017. It is not even the beginning of a complete list!

My main specialty is backend and my weapon of choice is .NET Core / ASP.NET / C#. But I do my fair share of Node.js and Python as well. I love to think about CI/CD and automation in general. And sometimes I write chat-bots for Wehkamp to automate things like finding free meeting rooms or snapping screenshots of our website.

Get the package

Some of my code ends up in a package or repo. Please check them out on github.com/KeesCBakker, npmjs.com/~keestalkstech, pypi.org/user/KeesTalksTech or nuget.org/profiles/KeesCBakker. Most of the code is licensed under MIT.


Want to know more? Follow me on @KeesTalksTech, subscribe to my RSS feed or drop me a line on linkedin.com/in/keescbakker