Nice insights on crowd funding: 😼

2 weeks ago


Rainbow CSV for #VSCode : simple and elegant 👍🌈

4 weeks ago


Need finer control over your screen brightness? There a #PowerShell script for that:

1 month ago


Parsing objects to XML with attributes can be quite a challenge in #PowerShell :

1 month ago



Category: Automation

Automation, Hubot, JavaScript, Node.js

Hubot + ES6 + Promises

Lately we’ve been playing around with ChatOps at Wehkamp. We added a Hubot to our Slack channels to automate some operational jobs. It makes work more fun and way easier. As it is hosted in our own infrastructure, it can interact with our micro-services. In this article I explore how to use ES6 and a Promise to implement a call to a simple web-service.


Taming Unit Test logging in Docker pipeline for .NET

The main problem of a CI/CD pipeline – in my opinion – is logging. When it logs too little you don’t know what’s going on, when it logs to much you can’t see the trees to the forest. Having too much logging can seriously impact the effectiveness of your CI/CD pipeline. This script will improve Xunit unit test output.