Fix: stuck in Wi-Fi setup Honeywell T6 installation on Samsung

Today I helped my neighbour to set up her new Honeywell T6 thermostat on a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. It did not go well...

Getting stuck...

After the physical installation we got stuck in the app setup:

  • Download Honeywell Home app.
  • Disable Mobile Data on Android.
  • Create Honeywell Home account through the Honeywell App.
  • Connect to the T6 on its ad hoc Wi-Fi.
  • Set language.
  • Set time format.
  • Select Wi-1Fi with Password and... we spinner for minutes on end, and no setup completion.

We tried it with 2 different Android phones: a Samsung A50 and a Samsung Galaxy S10E. But with both phones we got totally stuck. But I noticed something on the T6; if I pressed cancel (the cross icon) on the T6, a Wi-Fi connection was active - the Wi-Fi icon stopped blinking. A network scan confirmed the presence of the T6 in the network... so the problem could not be the T6, nor the network... but had to be... Samsung?

Try a different phone?

I tried it with a OnePlus 5 phone... and bingo everything worked.


Reached out to Honeywell; they'll hopefully fix it:

Final thoughts

So, I guess the answer is: complete the setup on a non-Samsung phone and then log in to the Honeywell Home app on the Samsung phone. Your T6 will show up there.

Finally, a Honeywell T6 that works!