Fix: stuck in Wi-Fi setup Honeywell T6 installation on Samsung

Today I helped my neighbour to set up her new Honeywell T6 thermostat on a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. It did not go well...

Getting stuck...

After the physical installation we got stuck in the app setup:

  • Download Honeywell Home app.
  • Disable Mobile Data on Android.
  • Create Honeywell Home account through the Honeywell App.
  • Connect to the T6 on its ad hoc Wi-Fi.
  • Set language.
  • Set time format.
  • Select Wi-1Fi with Password and... we spinner for minutes on end, and no setup completion.

We tried it with 2 different Android phones: a Samsung A50 and a Samsung Galaxy S10E. But with both phones we got totally stuck. But I noticed something on the T6; if I pressed cancel (the cross icon) on the T6, a Wi-Fi connection was active - the Wi-Fi icon stopped blinking. A network scan confirmed the presence of the T6 in the network... so the problem could not be the T6, nor the network... but had to be... Samsung?

Try a different phone?

I tried it with a OnePlus 5 phone... and bingo everything worked.


Reached out to Honeywell; they'll hopefully fix it:

Final thoughts

So, I guess the answer is: complete the setup on a non-Samsung phone and then log in to the Honeywell Home app on the Samsung phone. Your T6 will show up there.

Finally, a Honeywell T6 that works!
  1. Asemblance says:

    Same problem on a sony Xperia Xz1

    1. Kees C. Bakker says:

      Did you succeed with another phone?

      1. Asemblance says:

        Yes – I think the problem is linked to privacy settings, it only seemed to occur when I wouldn’t allow it access to use location settings

  2. l̴͉̯̙o̵̙̪̜̯̦̻̹̟l̴̢̥̯̞̕ says:

    I’m stuck on “creating location” after going through the setup. Everything works right up until that point. Has been stuck at that point multiple times for 0.5hrs each time.

    Nothing wrong with home network or connection to ISP. Have 2GB internal network via 802.3ad, and +200Mb/s external connection.

    Phone is Motorola 9G+

    1. Kees C. Bakker says:

      Maybe try a different device? You can reach out to them on Twitter:

  3. Bertrand Braschi says:

    Thank you for your post.
    I had the honeywell home app running on a pixel, but was using a samsung phone as a WIFI hotspot. That caused the app to hang after the successful pairing, when “creating the location” during the online registration. Not using a Samsung phone as a hotspot made it possible to complete the registration successfully.
    Thanks to the so pstient support person @ honeywell