How to share from your computer to your phone?

Today’s world is very connected. I like to browse the web and share what I encounter with my friends. This is very easy to do on Android, but way harder on Windows. As I use more social platforms every day, I get more annoyed about not having the same sharing experience on my computer. I love browsing on my computer and sharing with my mobile.

So, what can be done?

QR Code to the Rescue!

What if you could just exchange content between your phone and browser? Many mobile phones have a camera and a QR code scanner. I use the Barcode Scanner on my Android.

I've added the QR Code Tag Extension to my Chrome. Now if I like to share a link, I just click on the QR code button and it generates one for me. I just scan the code and Android lets me share it to any of my social networks.

Screenshot of the QR Code Tag Extension and a Twitter URL.
Generating an QR code from a URL.

To make things easier, I made sure that the extension generates nice, large QR Codes that are easily picked up from a distance (can be activated in the settings of the extension).

What about texts?

Screenshot of a QR code generated of text.
You can even generate a QR code of a text.

Sometimes I need to share larger amounts of texts, like a quote or something. Just select the text, right click and choose Create QR code for this…

It will open up a new tab and create the QR code with the entire text. These can be scanned by your mobile phone.

QR Code from text
The QR code can be quite big.

On my phone

One of the advantages of Barcode Scanner is that it copies the data automatically. So I can always paste the text in the right app. I find myself using that feature more than the share button.

Screenshot of the Barcode Scanner.
Very readable on mobile.


So you see, sharing stuff can become way easier. Just use these tools: