I love mp3’s, especially now my phone has enough room to store a significant amount of them. I don’t know about you, but I’m a nut when it comes to categorizing my mp3 collection. Most of the time I’ll use the free version MediaMonkey to get the right meta data into the files (high res album covers) and I’ll use it to reformat the filename into something I like, like: Rihanna – Rated R – 01 – Mad House.mp3. But what about a playlist?

Playlists are a dandy way of organizing the files into one list (easy to find on your device). The m3u playlist format is a no-hassle straight forward format, that’s why I love it. It is basically a list of relative file paths. Well… if it is that simple, it should be easy to write into a PowerShell statement. And it turns out, it was:

Get-ChildItem 'Rihanna - Rated R*.mp3' | 
ForEach-Object { $_.Name } | 
Out-File 'Rihanna - Rated R - 00.m3u'

Hope it helps.