Auto fill settings objects with .config values

Lately I’ve been playing around with some API’s. Most of them need a bunch of settings that I’m storing them in my config files. I found myself doing the same work over and over again: creating a settings class, filling the class with information and using it. So I came up with a way to leverage reflection to fill my setting classes with .config values.


Convert HTML to SVG using CloudConvert and C#

HTML is often easier to generate than SVG. Can it be converted to SVG? I’ve found a cloud service with an API that does a nice job converting various formats: CloudConvert. I ended up implementing a small part of their API to do the conversion.


Fixing IE Quirks Mode in ASP.Net

Quirks mode refers to a technique used by some web browsers for the sake of maintaining backward compatibility with web pages designed for older browsers, instead of strictly complying with W3C and IETF standards in standards mode. Here’s how to force IE into submission by adding a DLL to ASP.Net.


How to scrape a photo from a Twitter Photo URL with C#

Twitter uses its url shortener to place photo’s in Tweets. I’ve tried processing these URLs in the browser, but cross site scripting measures prevented me from processing the result with jQuery.

I decided to resolve it in C# (as I’m using ASP.Net). The following script leverages a WebClient and a regular expression to extract the photo URL from the shortened URL. This code could be added to a handler or a webservice that can be called from script.


Seek Position of a String in a File or FileStream

Yesterday I was working on a little bit of code to sniff out some XMP without having to worry about reading a file at a certain pre-defined position. XMP, being just plain XML, can be found by matching a string. After some googling I’ve found out that…

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