.NET / C#

.NET / C#

I love programming in .NET / C#. Have been doing it since 2004 now. Much has changed since: the .Net framework is got more libraries, NuGet was a game-changer and even C# itself is evolving with lambda and dynamic.

And now .Net has evolved to Standard and Core with support for other platforms like Linux / Docker. Things are getting easier and faster.

.NET Framework / C#, Regular Expression, Twitter

How to scrape a photo from a Twitter Photo URL with C#

Twitter uses its url shortener to place photo’s in Tweets. I’ve tried processing these URLs in the browser, but cross site scripting measures prevented me from processing the result with jQuery.

I decided to resolve it in C# (as I’m using ASP.Net). The following script leverages a WebClient and a regular expression to extract the photo URL from the shortened URL. This code could be added to a handler or a webservice that can be called from script.