Convert HTML to SVG using CloudConvert and C#

HTML is often easier to generate than SVG. Can it be converted to SVG? I’ve found a cloud service with an API that does a nice job converting various formats: CloudConvert. I ended up implementing a small part of their API to do the conversion.


Login Credentials Generator – in JavaScript

Many small applications need to store user credentials, but it’s hard to create a good username/password infrastructure. What if you could just use a small XML file with credentials that don’t actually stores the password, but just a hash and some salt.

For a small cloud project I ended up creating such a solution. This blog explains how to generate the credentials that can be stored in the XML. The aim is to make a solution that works on the client using JavaScript.


Little life saver: parsing HTML entities

Recently I had the pleasure of building a calculator example exercise. Begin a good programmer I used the some HTML entities as values on the buttons: ×, ÷ and ± as values. It turned out to be quite difficult to parse them with native JavaScript. It is not so hard with LoDash or jQuery, but I wanted to do it native.