Strongly typed event handlers in TypeScript (Part 1)

As a C# programming I have a lot of interest in the TypeScript project. Lately I've been playing around with it to look what it can do. I found myself in need of some event handling, so I decided to build something that looks like the event handling .Net gives you. It grew into Strongly Typed Events for TypeScript. This tutorial is part of a series.

2018-02: we've updated to a new version of the project. The article matches the latest version. Get the latest version by running:  npm install strongly-typed-events --save

The IEvent<TSender, TArgs>

An event is defined as a pair of sender and event args. It's leveraging generics to make them strongly typed. Note: the actual interface in the project is a little bit more complex.

/** Models an event with a generic sender and generic arguments */
interface IEvent<TSender, TArgs> {

    subscribe(fn: (sender: TSender, args: TArgs) => void): void;

    unsubscribe(fn: (sender: TSender, args: TArgs) => void): void;

Example implementation: a pulse generator

Let's create a pulse generator that will trigger an event based on the given the frequency in Hertz. I'm using the EventDispatcher from the package:

import { EventDispatcher } from "strongly-typed-events";

class PulseGenerator {

    //create private event dispatcher
    private _onPulsate = new EventDispatcher<PulseGenerator, number>();
    frequencyInHz: number;

    //expose the event dispatcher through the IEvent interface
    //this will hide the dispatch method outside the class
    get onPulsate() {
        return this._onPulsate.asEvent();

    constructor(frequencyInHz: number) {
        this.frequencyInHz = frequencyInHz;


    private start(): void {

        setTimeout(() => {


            //dispatch event by calling the dispatcher 
            this._onPulsate.dispatch(this, this.frequencyInHz);

        }, 1000 / this.frequencyInHz);

Now let's subscribe to the event and beep each time we receive a pulse.

var generator = new PulseGenerator(1);

//subscribe on the onPulse event
generator.onPulsate.subscribe((p, hz) => {

    //play beep:

//change frequency
setTimeout(function () {
    generator.frequencyInHz = 2;
}, 3000);


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