Nice insights on crowd funding: 😼

2 weeks ago


Rainbow CSV for #VSCode : simple and elegant 👍🌈

4 weeks ago


Need finer control over your screen brightness? There a #PowerShell script for that:

1 month ago


Parsing objects to XML with attributes can be quite a challenge in #PowerShell :

1 month ago



Category: JavaScript


How to start Node.js app windowless in Windows

Node.js is getting more popular by the day. It breaks JavaScript free from the browser. I would love to auto start an application – much like a Windows service – without keeping a console window open. There are many services to wrap node applications into an executable, but I like to stick with just Node. This small trick will make your Node application windowless on Windows.


Strongly Typed Events 0.3.0 – now with Signals

Turns out that I needed an even smaller type of event: the signal. It is an event that has no data; it just fires. The Strongly Typed Events project started with the IEvent event that was styled after .Net. Then the ISimpleEvent was added in 0.2.0, for scenarios when no sender is necessary. Now I’ve added the ISignal to version 0.3.0.