Why not use a CI/CD at home? At @wehkamp we use #Jenkins / #Jenkins : a match made in heaven! Read how to setup Jenki…

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Running a single Mocha Test, just change the it( into it.only( - via @watirmelon

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Deploy your #dotnet application though @Bitbucket pipeline to your #dotnet ♥️

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Nice #Hubot talks ES6 #Hubot 🔥. Learn how to connect a simple web-service using a Promise to your #Hubot bot 🤖:

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Cleaning up the default Hubot Slack installation

If you set up a new Hubot using the Slack Developer Kit for Hubot you’ll get an awesome bot, but with a lot of useless stuff in it. In this blog I’ll outline all the things that can be safely cleaned up. The scripts can run on both Powershell (Windows) and Bash (Linux/Mac).

Automation, Hubot, JavaScript, Node.js

Hubot + ES6 + Promises

Lately we’ve been playing around with ChatOps at Wehkamp. We added a Hubot to our Slack channels to automate some operational jobs. It makes work more fun and way easier. As it is hosted in our own infrastructure, it can interact with our micro-services. In this article I explore how to use ES6 and a Promise to implement a call to a simple web-service.