Social media links

I love the implementation of the social media links in the top. It’s both elegant and smart.

Adding Github

Yep, I was missing Github. It is super simple to add. Open up functions/sociallinks.php and goto the function wpex_social_links. This function has an array with social media platforms. Just add github as another array. This will give you a Github setting in your Theme Settings. It will render the right icon out-of-thebox.

Open in new window

The social media links should open in a new window and have a no-follow attribute. Open up functions/header-aside.php. Line 22 renders the social media links, change it to:

<a target="_blank" 
   href="<?php echo get_theme_mod( 'wpex_social_'. $social_option ); ?>" 
   title="<?php echo $name; ?>"><span class="fa fa-<?php echo $icon; ?>"></span>