I love the way the widgets are used by this theme. Their color is lighter, so they don’t scream for the users attention. But there are some minor modifications that can be done. All style can be added to the style.css file.


Some of my blog titles are quite long, just use some CSS whip them into shape:

/* renders a nice lines between items, makes it easier
 * to distinguish items when some are multi-line */
.widget_recent_entries li+li {
	border-top:solid 1px #EEE;

/* when links are multi-line and a line-height is used
 * the area between the lines might not be clickable.
 * Solve it by displaying the whole area as inline-block */
.sidebar-widget li a { 


This widget uses by default a hover with a background, while other widgets (like ‘recent’) use a hover-color. I like a consistent theme, so I commented out lines 171 and 172. This will restored the “normal” hover.


I like my search box to show the text italic. That’s why I added the following to the style.css:

/* search widget */
.sidebar-widget .searchform #s {